Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trouts

The Margaree is one of the most beautiful North American rivers and it was appointed as a Heritage River. Since the last century fly fishers have come from all over the world to this area to catch their salmon. It splits into two parts at our property; hence the name Margaree Forks. The part coming from the mountain (North East Margaree) is only to be fished by fly starting June 1st.

The normal catch in the Margaree river ranges from 6 to 20 pounds with an average catch being 10 pounds. The record catch in the Margaree is 52 lbs!

The salmon season on the Margaree begins June 1 and continues until October 31.

Some of the best pools last are: Tidal, Lower Tompkins, Seal, Gillis Island, Snag, Forks, Dollar, Wash. They are all within a 10-minute radius from the Inn, some you can walk to. Best time last year from end of June to August.

If you have experience in Fly-Fishing you can fish on your own, because Guides are not mandatory in Nova Scotia

We recommend for Fishing Tackle a one hand rod of 9 to 10 feet, from 7 weight to 9 weight, or a two hand rod of 12 to 14 feet, from 9weight to 11weight. Lines should be consistent to the class of the rod. Types of lines vary from floating, sink, sink-tip or intermediate, depending on the water level. The reel should have a good brake and store at least 100 yards of backing line. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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